Fibre To The Home

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The only solution to deliver future networks in the home is by installing fibre into a new build or existing housing.

Smart homes are now becoming a reality instead of a vision for end users with the added benefit of broadband internet, television, telephony services being delivered over a single fibre. It is now acknowledged that installing fibre to the home compares favourably over copper networks and is proving to be more reliable and cost effective platform.

Fibre to the home is now the choice for consultants designing development infrastructure, local councils and more importantly the end user.

Fibrelec offer Design, Installation & Support services throughout the UK to Local Councils, Residents & Developers looking at implementing a fibre optic infrastructure.

GPON Gigabit Passive Optical Networks

Residential & commercial applications can be supplied from a centrally distributed optical signal over a single fibre and split for up to 64 users up to 10km radius providing Broadband Internet, Voice Over IP, and Internet Television Services.

Point to Point

Based upon standard Ethernet protocol the optical signal is directly fed over a fibre from the head end equipment directly to the property.

IRS Integrated Reception Services

IRS Provide Terristal TV, Satellite & Radio over a PON-Passive Optical Network. Now users can enjoy Sky, Free view TV and DAB over a single fibre in the property fed form centralised antenna/dish.

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