Wireless Services from Fibrelec

Wireless Services from Fibrelec

With ever increasing technology advances, wireless systems are supporting computer networks, CCTV, fire alarms, access control and nurse call. Wireless systems offer our customers the opportunity to save on what can sometimes be expensive cabling costs.

Computer Networking

A wireless network can be connected to an existing LAN, to share information, internet, printers etc.From small office set-ups to industrial Campus links - Fibrelec can install wireless systems to suit specific requirements, with the need for long cable runs thereby being eliminated.


Wireless cameras can be positioned covertly within a building, linking to the main switch via wireless access points located around the site: each camera can the be panned or tilted using the latest IP technology.

Fire Alarms

Fire detection systems often encounter problems with cabling routes within certain building types such as, churches, schools or listed buildings - in which case wireless systems are useful in overcoming this. As with a conventional cabled system, a main panel is used to control and monitor the system with remote wireless detection points located within the building.

Access Control

Remote gates, doors and locks may sometimes require long cable runs some, distance from the central call point - making installation costs needlessly expensive. With a wireless caller unit situated at the call point, this is linked to the controller position which is usually situated within the mid-point of the building. The controller transmits a signal when activated to a hand-set within the building.

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